BBFC Classification: U - Suitable for all
Year: 2016
Director: Mike Mitchell, Walt Dohm
Performers: Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, James Corden, John Cleese
Genre: Animated, Comedy
Duration: 92
BBFC Advice: Contains mild comic threat

Patricia CrawfordFilm

Meet the ‘Trolls’, a mismatched group of people with boundless optimism who can break into song and dance at a moment’s notice, but they’re being menaced by the fearsome Bergens. who are pessimistic and dour, and only happy when they’ve been eating trolls. Poppy, the leader of the trolls, and Branch, her polar opposite, must set out on a journey far beyond their world to try and save their people. A stellar cast brings the all-singing, all-dancing world of the ‘Trolls’ to life.