The Railway Children

BBFC Classification: U - Suitable for all
Year: 2016
Director: Damian Cruden
Performers: Rozzi Nicholson Lailey, Izaak Cainer, Beth Lilly
Genre: Drama, Family
Duration: 120 mins
BBFC Advice: Contains no material likely to offend or harm.

Patricia CrawfordFilm

The Railway Children tells the story of Bobbie, Peter and Phyllis, three children whose lives change dramatically when their father is mysteriously taken away. They move from London to a cottage in rural Yorkshire with their mother, where they befriend the local railway porter, Perks, and embark on a magical journey of discovery, friendship and adventure, but the mystery remains – where is Father, and is he ever coming back? Filmed in the National Railway Museum, York of a live stage performance.

E.Nesbit’s story of The Railway Children follows Roberta (Bobbie), Phyllis and Peter, three sheltered siblings who suffer a huge upheaval when their father, who works for the Foreign Office, is taken away from their London home and falsely imprisoned. The children and their mother, now penniless, are forced to move from London to rural Yorkshire near a railway line. The story deals with the themes of justice, the importance of family and the kindness of strangers.

Mike Kenny and Damian Cruden’s imaginative stage adaptation of E.Nesbit’s classic novel, which was first performed in 2008, is directed for the screen by the International Emmy Award-winning Ross MacGibbon, who also directed The Importance of Being Earnest with David Suchet and Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake for the big screen.

The Railway Children was filmed at the National Railway Museum in York and features the original locomotive from the much-loved 1970 British film. Using multiple cameras by an expert team, the stage-to-screen film captures every moment of the fast-paced stage production.