The Harwich Festival: Martin Newell and the Hosepipe Band

Michael OffordLive on Stage

Bringing together poetry and music in a wonderful collaboration, the acclaimed poet, songwriter and East Anglian Daily Times columnist Martin Newell will perform two of his poems – the evocative and award-winning The Song of the Waterlily and his epic Black Shuck– accompanied by original music composed by members of The Hosepipe Band. The Hosepipe Band’s five piece line-up is: Geoff Coombs – mandola, percussion Simon Haines – concertina, hurdy gurdy, footbass, saw, bandoneon, vocals Val Woollard – bagpipes, recorder, flute, saxophone, bells, dulcimer Cara Bruns – keyboards, vocals Peter Nice – upright bass, electric guitar, schwirrbogen, vocals Martin Newell – poet’s voice, upright bass Martin Newell’s now famous quartet, The Song of the Waterlily– describes the building and proving of a traditional Essex deep-sea fishing smack, “from tree to sea”. We follow the story through the eyes of a young shipwright from The Waterlily’s construction and launch, to the day of her proving when she must face a storm in the perilous North Sea… Black Shuck is about the sinister ghostly dog which is said to have haunted East Anglia since Viking times. Following the phantom dog’s tracks through the half-forgotten lanes of North Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk, the poem seeks to capture some of the dark mystery of this largely unsung part of Great Britain.