The Edwardian Bioscope

Michael Offordbioscope

Presented by David Cleveland and Nigel Lister, this presentation re-creates a typical fairground film show from the time the Harwich Electric Palace was being built.

Real motion picture film prints will be hand cranked through an original 1912 Gaumont Chrono projector. This, originally from the Cinema at Southwold, is similar to one installed in the Electric Palace at the time it opened.

Films being shown will include typical comedies of the time, an animated film, and a drama of airships over England intertwined with a love story.

How films were made and the mechanics of film projection will be explained.

This is a unique presentation using copies of original nitrate films, the restored Chrono projector, along with live piano accompaniment to some of the films.

Running time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Tickets £10 – Available soon