Sensations of a Wound – Jim Boyes and Belinda O’Hooley

£10 adv / £12.50

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Tickets are £10 in advance or £12.50 on the night. Journey of a Yorkshire soldier caught up in the enormity of the First War

A new collaboration between two celebrated folk artists; Jim Boyes and Belinda O’Hooley centred around the story of Jim’s grandfather; Robert Riby Boyes (known in the family as Croppie) and his “long long trail” through the First World War as Private Boyes of the 23rd Middlesex Regiment. In common with many veterans, Croppie never talked about his experiences during the war. Here, the compelling, poignant and poetic memoirs of a young soldier’s incredible journey of survival from his home town of Scarborough to the Fronts of France and Belgium, through Italy, Germany, Switzerland and home again are vividly portrayed through his grandson Jim’s sensitive and compassionate interpretation. Written, sung and narrated by Jim Boyes from the critically acclaimed a cappella trio Coope Boyes & Simpson with Belinda O’Hooley’s (O’Hooley & Tidow, Nic Jones Trio) subtle, innovative piano arrangements, Sensations Of A Wound presents a sequence of songs, words and images of the unfolding story of Jim’s grandfather.