Sean Wilson & Tony Mac

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One of Ireland’s top duos.  Sean regularly plays gigs all over the UK and tours with musical collaborator Tony McIllvena have taken him as far afield as the USA at various Irish Festivals including the famous Catskills New York Irish Festival, being regular entertainers on the Gertrude Byrne Irish Cruises in the Caribbean and Cruises around the Mediterranean, and venues in Ireland, Canada and Australia..

So relax, pull up a chair and let Sean’s vocal warmth and beautiful accordion playing that provides an authentic taste of his homeland wash over you, because few artists are capable of conjuring the evocative magic of his homeland quite like Sean.

Tickets £10 available from:
Deli 141 (formerly Oxley’s) High Street Dovercourt 01255 242604
MK Jordan’s Main Road Dovercourt 01255 506123
Cafe on the Pier The Quay Harwich 07596 141384
Rainbow Café Wick Lane Dovercourt 01255 556670 
or or 07784 744 789