On Chesil Beach

BBFC Classification: 15 - Suitable only for 15 years and over
Year: 2018
Director: Dominic Cooke
Performers: Saoirse Ronan, Emily Watson, Billy Howle
Genre: Drama, romance
Duration: 1 hr 50 min
BBFC Advice: Contains strong sex and sex references

David LooserFilm

It’s 1962, and Edward and Florence have just got married. They’re honeymooning ‘On Chesil Beach’, but it’s not long before their inexperience with relationships gets the better of them. It’s a modest honeymoon, but a happy one as the young couple gradually get to know each other better. Then, something happens – and a confession is made – that shakes this fledgling marriage to its core.  Based on Ian McEwan’s acclaimed novel