Nina Forever (followed by Directors Q & A)

BBFC Classification: 18 - Suitable only for adults
Year: 2016
Director: Ben and Chris Blaine
Performers: Fiona O'Shaughness, Abigail Hardingham, Cian Barry
Genre: Horro/Comedy
Duration: 100 mins
BBFC Advice: Contains strong sex, injury detail.

Patricia CrawfordFilm

After his girlfriend Nina dies in a car crash, Rob unsuccessfully attempts suicide. As he begins to overcome his grief, he falls in love with a co-worker, Holly. Their relationship is complicated when Nina, unable to find rest in the afterlife, comes back to life to sarcastically torment them whenever they have sex.  

British Independent Film Awards –

Winner – Most Promising Newcomer

Nominated – Debut Director

The Screening will be followed by a  Q & A with Directors Chris & Ben Blaine.