Le Mepris

BBFC Classification: 15 - Suitable only for 15 years and over
Year: 1963
Director: Jean-Luc Godard
Performers: Brigitte Bardot, Jack Palance, Michel Piccoli
Genre: Drama
Duration: 1 hr 43 min
BBFC Advice: Contains nudity, sex, infrequent strong language.


Caught in the crossfire of a creative battle between an artistic director (Fritz Lang as himself) and a hard-headed producer (Jack Palance), screenwriter Paul Javal (Michel Piccoli) finds himself embroiled in a battle of wills on the set of a new adaptation of Homer’s The Odyssey. Siding with the producer and his chequebook, Paul’s decision-making incurs the displeasure of his wife, the beautiful Camille (Brigitte Bardot), whose increasing contempt for her husband results in a tragic conclusion.

in French with English Subtitles.