Harwich Shorts – Short Film Festival (PG)

Michael OffordFilm

Part of the Harwich Festival 2017

A new arena for visual art in the Festival, Harwich Shorts is a collection of short films made by local filmographers using various methods and devices.

The Festival is proud to present this collection at the historic Electric Palace Cinema.

We have four opportunities for you to watch our films, on Saturday 24th June, Sunday 25th June, Saturday 1st July and Sunday 2nd July, all at 12 noon.  Entry is FREE. Tickets at the door.


“Jerusalem” (U); Nicky Lewic

“On the Beach” (U); Pola Ambrossi

“Bin There, done that” (U); Chris Scott

“Creating the present” (U); Larain Briggs

“Epsom Derby 2016” (U); Daphne Sandham

“An Essex Sunrise” (U); Gething Raymer

“Crime Study” (PG); HIYA Teen Talk

“Crime study Sexual abuse” (PG); HIYA Teen Talk

“I’m so classy” (U); Lewis Ward

“Kaleidocopic brickwork” (U); Ian Nature

“Lana’s Knee” (U); Ruth Fosker

“Nightshift” (PG); Kate McCoid

“The sectret life of a gassed amoeba” (U); Ian Nature

“Sunset” (U); Dougie Tovell

“The alcoholic” (U); Ian Nature

“Toast” (U); Daphne Sandham

“Zoetrope 1” (U); Mel King

“The world’s worst energy drink” (PG); HIYA Teen Talk



Harwich Shorts is funded by the Essex Community Foundation

The License to screen has been granted by TDC