An Audience With The Pirates

Patricia CrawfordLive on Stage

Come and meet Tony Currie, Programme Director of Radio Mi Amigo on Light Vessel 18, and friends. Cinema prices: £7 Adults, £6 Seniors, £3.50 Juniors.

Tony Currie built his own radio station in the attic of his parents’ home in 1963 at the age of eleven, and he’s been broadcasting ever since. A Saturday night show on Los Angeles powerhouse KPFK in 1971/2, then his was the first voice on Radio Clyde when he fronted its opening night in 1973. Since then he’s been a TV Newsreader, announcer presenter, producer, writer, columnist, Programme Controller, Chief Executive, Chairman and regulator with a plethora of radio and TV operations including Scottish Television, Westsound, Radio Six International, The Cable Authority, the Independent Television Commission, AsiaVision, Discovery Channel, TARA Television, Cambridge Cafe Radio, and many others. He’s penned three books about broadcasting, and has been a regular writer for The Guardian, The Listener, Radio Times, TV Times, Broadcast, The Radio Magazine, and a host of others.

For the BBC he’s produced programmes for Radios 2, 3 , 4 and Scotland and is currently a television network Announcer/Director for BBC ONE and BBC TWO in Scotland. At sea, he broadcast on the 1998 revival of Radio London and has been involved with most of the broadcasts from the LV18 including RNI, Radio Mi Amigo and Pirate BBC Essex. He’s been Programme Director of Radio Mi Amigo on the LV18 since 2014 and can be heard on weekend mornings at 6am and weekday mornings at 11