Add Event Listings

All new productions are added in the Theater section of the admin: To add a new production, go to Theatre/Productions and hit Add New.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 13.45.41

Important! The following sections must always be completed:
Body copy
Featured Image

For Film listings the following must also be completed: Details (Director, Year, Performers, Genre, Duration) BBFC Age Category, Additional Info.

This image shows the areas in red that are essential to complete:


To add a trailer just copy the YouTube URL (such as ) directly into the body copy area.

To add a still image to the body copy click the Add Media button and follow the process of uploading your chosen image(s).

Size: images in this section should be sized at 680px width, and should be optimized for the web.

Note: this is not the image that will appear in the homepage or What’s On page – you enter that in the Featured Image section.

The Events section is where you add instances of a production – so if a film has 5 screenings over a weekend, this is where you individually add the dates and ticket links for each of those screenings.

To add an Event click on the arrow next to the Events box. You will then see the ‘Start time’ box – click on this and a calendar feature will pop up and you will be able to select the date and time from this.
events how to

Please ignore the following sections:

End time, Venue, City, Remark and Ticket status

Tickets URL – this is essential to complete. To do this, go to the Jack Roe index page:

Then find the particular screening / show that relates to the event you are listing (so if you are listing the Saturday matinee performance of a film – find that in the index page). Then click the ‘BOOK NOW’ button to bring that listing page up. Copy the URL in the browser bar and paste it into the listing page. Like so:

Add Jack Roe link

Once you have added one event listing you can add another by either clicking ‘Add a new event’ or the ‘Duplicate’ button next to existing events (clicking duplicate will save some of the settings, thus potentially saving time)

This should be self-explanatory – select from Film, Event Cinema, Live on Stage

IMPORTANT: it is essential to select a category – the listing won’t show otherwise

This is the image that will appear on the homepage and What’s On Page. It is important to prepare the image so that it is the right size. The ideal size is:

600px width N.B. Very important this width!
420px height

However you can opt for smaller or larger height if the image doesn’t work on the above ratio (though for consistency it is best to stick with those figures wherever possible).

It is very important to optimise these images for the web. If they are unoptimised then the homepage will be very slow to load. Ideally the file size should be around 40KB, and no higher than 100KB.

Tip – when searching for film posters on Google images a handy way to find the high resolution versions is to use the Search Tools and search by size – select Large:

google images

For films select the appropriate BBFC icon; otherwise leave unselected.
When you have filled in all the necessary sections click the Publish button in the top right of the screen. Then go to the site and check your event has listed correctly.

Edit Other Pages

To edit the static pages on the site (such as Ticket Info, History, etc) go to Pages / All Pages on the admin and find the page you want to edit (and note that the index is paginated, so your page might not appear on the first page of the index).

Click on the page and the edit screen will come up – from there you can change the body copy and click Update to publish your changes.

All images used in the body of the page must be 740 pixels wide

Photo sliders

Film and Jazz Alerts

Log in at Once in the admin area, go to ‘Create Campaign’, hit the drop down arrow and select ‘Regular campaign’:


Select the list you are sending to: Jazz Alert of Film Alert. Choose ‘Send to entire list’ and hit the Next button down in the bottom right hand corner.

In this section you just need to fill in the two top boxes – ‘Name your campaign‘ and ‘Email subject

Name your campaign – this is just for your own reference, so you can easily find the campaign in the Mailchimp archive (example: ‘Film Alert Nov 2015’)

Email subject – this is what the recipient will see in their inbox – so name it something useful such as ‘This weekend’s films at the Electric Palace’

Then hit Next in the bottom right hand corner

Go to Saved Templates, and choose either ‘Monthly listings’ or ‘One Off / Weekend’

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 20.19.42

Monthly listings

For this template there is some code already embedded – this will pull in all the listings for the next month.

If you want to see these listings, go to the top bar and hut Preview and test, then select Enter preview mode – you will then see the listings in the email.

To add additional text to this email just click on the ‘Next month at Electric Palace..’ part and an edit screen will come up on the righthand side and you can add text to that.

When you are finished editing, hit the Next button on the bottom right.

One Off / Weekend

For this template you simply cut and paste the event info from the EP website into the page. So – go to the event page, highlight with your mouse from the title down to the film stills or promo stills, hit copy, then go back to the Mailchimp page and paste it into that page. (Please note that trailers will not be copied, as they aren’t supported by many email programs).

You also need to add the dates and Buy tickets buttons – so go back to the events page, copy those and add them to the Mailchimp page.

When you are finished editing, hit the Next button on the bottom right corner.

You will now be at a page called ‘You’re all set to send!’

You might want to send a test email to yourself to check it is ok – if so go to the Preview and Test link on the top bar, and select ‘Send a test email’ – enter your email address there to send a test.

If you are happy to proceed and send the email hit the Send button in the bottom right hand corner, then confirm the send on the next page.