Bohem Ragtime Orchestra

Michael OffordLive on Stage

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The eight members of the Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band own twenty instruments and they even play all of them! Not to mention other specialties of their unique features like other instrument-like tools for making musical noise with, a cappella singing or occasional dancing.


The band plays almost as many styles as instruments. Their concerts bring you back to the teens, twenties and thirties of the last century, providing much humour and joy besides the music. Besides focusing on American music, old Hungarian jazz songs are integral and important part of the repertoire. Attending any of their performance

is an ideal programme for people of all ages from babies to great-grandmothers. (Don’t leave great-grandpa at home, either.)

The band has appeared at the greatest jazz festivals in Europe and North America including Montreux, Pori, Sacramento, Breda, Ascona, Oslo, Dresden, Bude, Rimini, Berlin and many others.

The Orchestra have recently added to their repertoire a Ragtime Opera written by Tamas Ittzes and Gabor Lanczkar – whilst it is too large a production for the stage at the EP as it is at present we hope that it will be performed in the UK before too long.

Tickets £10